Deepak Rohra

Deepak Rohra

Follows simple principle “Listen before Act”. He’s a keen listener with assurance of sarcasm or wicked response with a fuzzy logic. Talks & walks on straight line.  Forte is 4C’s – Commitment, Communication, Courage, Conviction & 5D’s – Devotion, Discipline, Dedication, Determination & Decision.

Professional ethics – intervene only when you add “Value” in system. Past association with MNC’s and PAN – India companies has a vast experience in Client – operations, Sales (Traditional & Modern Trade) & Techno – Marketing.  Exposure & reach in Global & Domestic market. Enjoys professional challenges & to explore new opportunities in business, believes in optimizing from the vacuum unattended.

Academically B.A. Economics – MBA in Sales and Commercial Marketing (Spain) – Post Graduation in Perfumery & Cosmetics Management. Presented few research papers and has won in few competitions too. Also received Best Student award & Rank 1 in academics. Assistant and / or partner to Dr Renuka in many for her research and patents from 2012.

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